Wireless Audio Fundamentals

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This course is about clarifying core concepts of wireless audio (RF).

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Some of the questions this course answers:

  • How do transmitters and receivers communicate?
  • What is the role of wireless IEMs in modern live music production?
  • How does Intermodulation occur?
  • How do we find frequencies that avoid intermodulation?
  • What frequency range do wireless systems operate in?
  • What is the difference between analog and digital wireless?
  • Which sounds better — digital or analog?
  • What is the biggest drawback of digital wireless systems?
  • What does Link Density mode do?
  • What is the shortest type of antenna we use in live music production?
  • When should we use RF amplifiers?
  • Why do diversity receivers need two antennas?

Your Instructor

Scott Adamson
Scott Adamson

A lifelong musician, Scott started his journey in audio by purchasing recording gear to make demos for his high school band. After moving to Chicago to start a studio and work in a variety of live music venues, a transition to full-time touring work came as the excitement of live production and worldwide travel proved to be too much to ignore.

During his entire career, the idea of The Production Academy was forming. There has long been a lack of quality educational resources for live music production, and the desire to change that has resulted in a wide range of course offerings. Now, The Production Academy has helped thousands around the world improve their live sound skills.

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Forever! After you register, you have unlimited access to this course.
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Nothing — this course is totally free.

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